Mirror project "Nonviolent education of children" 2017/2018

"Nonviolent education of children" - a joint project in Usti and Saxony funded by the European Union and the Elbe-Labe Euroregion


"What is important in the education for my child? What does my child need from me? How can I talk to my child so that it understands me? What is my job as a parent? How do I deal with problems? How do I use my power? "- These are questions parents ask in similar or similar ways in all countries.

With the support of the European Union and the Elbe-Labe Euroregion, we organized more than 15 events in both countries together with our Czech partners in the Volunteer Centre in Usti nad Labem from 12/2017 to 11/2018, to help children and parents in their everyday lives to strengthen. Inter alia we offered the parenting course “Strong Parent-Strong Children®“in various cities, as well as the associated course guidance. At an international family reunion on the 26.05.2018 in Dresden, children and parents learned about the health of the soul and took part in a children's circus workshop. Another highlight was this year's International Conference of experts from three countries which took place in Usti nad Labem.

Further informations on strengthening children and families can be found on these pages and at www.kinderschutzbund-sachsen.de, for the Czech partner at www.dcul.cz and www.silnirodice-silnedeti.cz .

Das Projekt wird über den Europäischen Fond zur regionalen Entwicklung gefördert:

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