Integration modules: a parental education offer after the getaway and with migration experiences

Families after the escape have hard times, especially if they have to live with their children in shared accommodation for a longer period of time. Families after the escape are under enormous pressure and stress furthermore, they have to deal with the circumstances of the host country. These families are forced to readjust their values and morals.

The integration modules provide space for self-reflexion in particular on the cultural values of the countries of origin and future.

The integration modules are as a family education offer which brings parents after their escape closer to the education and healthcare in addition also the child and youth welfare facilities and even furthermore the funding opportunities in Germany. How do the children get in kindergarten, school and after-school care? Whom should I contact in case of illness? What are the expectations of the institutions of the parents but also the other way around? Insecurities and fears of these institutions should decrease.    

The integration modules have an important bridging function they familiarize parents with the public education system in Germany.

In this way integration modules link also with the parent education program “strong parents–strong children® “. Because here too stands a respectful, appreciative and respectful approach, a high level of participation of the participants and an active learning atmosphere in the focus.

The aim of the parenting courses, to give children's rights more validity in the family and to strengthen parents' responsibility for parenting can be transferred to the integration modules. Topics of parenting courses such as "values and identity", the "developmental tasks of children", "communication and language" are also part of the integration modules.

The DKSB LV Sachsen e.V. offers course instructor training. Please take a look under DatesFor more information, please contact us.

The flyer can be found in the download area.


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